AviRaw 3.1

With AviRaw you can reconstruct the colour information
3.1 (See all)
Carsten A. Arnholm

AviRaw can reconstruct the colour information in a way that does not cause so much image resolution loss, and it can convert the RAW avi into normal AVIs that can be processed by the well known processing programs (IRIS, K3CCDTools, Registax and several others).
AviRaw allows opening of an AVI and:
- preview as ordinary RGB (decoded via codec as usual)
- preview as RAW luminosity (Y channel only) from ordinary or RAW captures
- preview as RAW colour, debayerized from Y channel (works only for RAW captures)
- save as new AVI using the selected mode (starting V2.3 this works also for Win9x)
- save as new BMPs (1 per frame) using the selected mode
- properly handle dropped frames for preview and save (dropped frames are not checked)
- Save individual R,G,B channel AVIs from normal or debayerized mode
- Check/uncheck frames in list and save only checked frames.
To use the RAW features, a Philips webcam format is assumed. AviRaw supports both Vesta and ToUcam style RAW cameras. Select one of the Vesta or ToUcam options in the toolbar combo box. This has been tested successfully on RAW Vesta and ToUcam cameras (both with colour CCD chips).

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